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Head Coaches are voted on and approved at the board level in the spring of each season. Each head coach is responsible for building his “Official” staff. An “Official Staff” is defined as a total of  4 coaches per staff (including head coach) who have completed and/or met all necessary requirements (as laid forth by FCFL, NYCF or any other governing body) for coaching within that season.

Exceptions that allow for additional coaches:

New head coach to grade (other then 3rd).

A situation where the board and HC both feel additional support is warranted.
Incoming 3rd grade if only have one team.

Any requests must be made to the director of coaching (DOC) and approved by the board.  Coaches may only be part of one “official” coaching staff. This is includes HC and assistant.

Draft Procedures

The following procedures herein were approved by NCYF board Thursday June 26, 2014


1.To achieve 2 (or more) balanced teams

2. To provide new experiences for kids/coaches/families

3. To mitigate any post draft disagreements of parity

Incoming 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th  7th and 8th grades must  partake in the formal draft procedures herein. One and/or both Director (s) of coaching must be present at all drafts. A DOC (s) will serve as the drafts’ coordinators in all grades that they don’t serve as a coach. An appointed “non coach” board member will serve as draft coordinator if a direct conflict cannot be avoided.

Timing of Draft: All drafts may only commence upon completion of the 2nd official practice day in August and must be completed prior to commencement of the 5th practice.

Formal Draft Day Procedures

An exercise will be undertaken to attempt to approximately balance each of the “official” son’s of coaches using the pool of all registered players. This exercise may take place any time prior to the official draft or in concert with the draft.

Saturday team determination. Head coaches may agree prior to any balancing as to the defined Saturday team. Once a Saturday team has been determined all registered Saturday players (returning and new) will be slotted in the draft based on ability and  coaches evaluation.

It will be up to the coaches to reach a unanimous decision on parity of the teams. If unanimity is unable to be achieved a majority vote in conjunction with DOC input will be used to finalize.

If there is still an imbalance after the coaches lines are set (an imbalance that is agreed upon) the team that is less balanced with have the choice of draft position be it 2 or 3 teams. Head coaches may agree upon draft order prior to the start of drafting all remaining players.  If parity is reached (agreed upon) a coin flip will be used to determine draft order for a 2 team scenario and in a 3 team scenario a “pick out of a hat” method will be used.

A draft will commence upon completion of the above. There are several approved methods of draft. A method must be chosen by majority vote of the coaches present. The rationale for providing several methods is providing each grade with flexibility to reach balance.

The team that wins the first pick has the choice to choose first or defer.

For 2 teams- first pick team to choose is allowed 1 pick. The second team to choose is allowed 2 picks. After the second team has picked the draft will follow a 1 pick alternating pattern.

For 3 teams- A snake draft will be used. A snake draft is defined as team a, b,c,c,b,a,a,b,c,c,b etc.

Player draft is concluded when there are no remaining players on the board and all staffs are in agreement of parity amongst the teams and the 25% reshuffling rule for returning players is satisfied.  Returning players for NCYF draft procedures are those who played the prior year as well as players with past NCYF or FCFL experience.  In addition new players must be "within 1" per team  . For example if there are 8 new registered players in a 2 team grade each team must have 4 players on their roster.  In a 3 team grade 2 teams must have 3 new players and 1 team must have the remaining 2.

Upon completion of the draft each HC , all assistant coaches and the DOC (or appointed board member) must sign and date their draft sheets attesting that approximate parity has been achieved.