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Grievance Procedure
In the event a situation of concern should arise with regard to a coach’s or assistant coach’s behavior or conduct, the NCYF Board would ask that the parent or adult with the grievance attempt to resolve it directly with the coach or assistant coach first.  If he/she is not comfortable speaking with the assistant or head coach, the NCYF welcomes the parent(s) to contact the Chair of the Grievance Committee, any member of the Grievance Committee or any Board member.  The following procedure will be followed:
  • The Chair of Grievance Committee will attempt to interview all involved parties for information and possible resolutions.  They will present the findings to the Grievance Committee.  The Grievance Committee will either decide on mutually agreed upon resolutions between the parties or refer the matter to the Board of Directors.
  • If referred to the Board of Directors, the grievance will be addressed as swiftly as possible and may result in suspension of coaching privileges for some length of time or permanently.
  • All individuals interviewed by the Director of Coaching and/or Grievance Committee or Board will be asked to keep said investigation confidential but neither the NCYF or any Board members can guarantee confidentiality of any complaint or investigation.