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NCYF Equipment Distribution Information

Equipment will be distributed for all players on May 13 &14, June 9th and Sunday August 16th.  Please review the schedule below for your player’s time slot.
Location: Gray shed at Water Tower Field, adjacent to Lapham Center;  Parents will not be allowed in the shed during distribution

Equipment Distribution - 
Wednesday May 13th 
5pm - 8th grade
6pm - 7th grade
7pm - 6th grade
Thursday May 14th
5pm - 5th grade
6pm - 4th grade
7pm - 3rd grade
Tuesday June 9th  
5pm to 7pm  All grades 
Sunday August 16th - 
4pm - 6pm All grades

Please bring:

  1. Your player (each item is fitted for your child)
  2. Your signed and completed medical form
  3. A deposit check made payable to NCYF for $450 dated 12/1/20

No equipment will be handed out without a medical form and deposit!!!
Your player will receive:

  1. A helmet
  2. Shoulder pads
  3. Practice pants
  4. A practice jersey, either red or black.  Colors will be switched according to team assignment the second week of practice

Game jerseys will be distributed after team assignment by head coaches; all equipment will be returned at the end of the season.  NCYF will have extra pants for purchase at the shed during distribution for $25 per pair.  Additional apparel items will be posted on the website prior to season start. 

You MUST pick up your equipment on one of the above dates.  We will NOT be handing out equipment after practice starts on August 17th.  Please plan accordingly, especially if you are going away for the summer.